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how's a GRAIN made

How it started

It all started with our passion to see more independent rider owned wakeskate manufacturers. At our birth, wakeskates were mainly built by large wakeboard companies or from foreign factories.  We wanted to see wakeskating pushed and built by riders to ensure the sport could grow in a direction that wakeskaters would enjoy. We strive to find the strongest and most resilient materials available to produce a wakeskate that will hold up against any obstacle thrown in its path. 

Why Grain?


With over 10 years of wakeskate manufacturing experience, our wakeskate manufacturing process has helped shape the new industry standard for wakeskate production. We strive to constantly stay on top of new materials and different approaches to manufacturing. This year, we have changed the construction of our wakeskates and bring you our new super POP construction, which includes bamboo stringers on a poplar core and heart pine build up. 

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